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  • Inestin Petit-Homme’s Finalist Spot in the Sidney Lanier Creative Writing Competition.

    April 7, 2014 by admin

    Inestin Petit-Homme was selected as finalist in the Sidney Lanier Creative Writing Competition after submitting a short-story that he wrote. The competition, hosted by Mercer University offers a $20,000 to the most creative short story. This money is given to student in increments of $5,000 per year, to help with the cost of college tuition.

    Inestin was inspired to enter the competition by MOY’s program director, Atrayus Goode. As a student in the rigorous IB program at his high school, Inestin began to doubt himself when he struggled with the hard workload. Goode offer advice and inspiration for Inestin to keep pushing himself, he decided that he needed to continue to persevere and try his best. Because of this, Inestin’s gained confidence in himself and his abilities. He wanted to take the risk of entering the Sidney Lanier Creative Writing Competition. “After meeting with Mr.Goode on several occasions, I have come to look up to him as a father figure in my life who can relate to me and also give me excellent advice to live by to better my future endeavors,” says Inestin. His involvement in MOY has also influenced his strive for success. The program has exposed him to many prestigious universities, allowing him to push himself in his academics in order to continue on to one once he graduates high school.

    When asked what he would do if he won the competition, Inestin responsed that, “it would benefit me in teaching me the process of taking risks. It'll not only teach me what applying for college scholarships are like but it'll also give me the satisfaction of knowing that I tried my hardest to attain a scholarship even though I am just a junior in high school.” Inestin plans to continue his passion for creative writing in the future.